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Shop the Best Under the Counter Refrigerators at Urner's

Under The Counter Refrigerator: Elegance Meets Functionality

When space is premium and design is paramount, an under the counter refrigerator is your kitchen's perfect companion. Sleek, space-saving, and supremely functional, these refrigerators are tailored to fit seamlessly under your countertops, ensuring that every inch of your kitchen is put to good use.

At Urner's, we're proud to house an elite selection of the best under the counter refrigerators in the industry. With our curated range, you're not just buying an appliance; you're making an investment in quality, design, and enduring value.

Championing the Champions of Kitchen Design

Discover a realm where iconic brands meet innovative designs:

  • MARVEL: Marvel at the finesse and impeccable design of MARVEL's under the counter fridges. Each piece reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and functionality.
  • U-Line: U-Line elevates under the counter refrigerator designs, ensuring you get the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.
  • SUb-Zero: When precision meets elegance, you get Sub-Zero. A brand that has redefined the standards of under-counter refrigeration.
  • Thermador: Step into a world of sophistication with Thermador. Their refrigerators don't just chill, they make a statement.
  • JennAir: Bold and beautiful. JennAir's under the counter fridge range exudes class while promising peak performance.
  • KitchenAid: Combining timeless design with modern utility, KitchenAid ensures your kitchen always stays in vogue.

Why Choose Urner's?

In your quest for the best under the counter fridge, it's not just about the appliance; it's about the experience. With our dedicated team and exceptional customer service, we ensure your journey from selection to installation is smooth, satisfying, and superior.

FAQ About Under the Counter Refrigerators

What is an under the counter refrigerator?

An under the counter refrigerator, often referred to as a built-in or compact refrigerator, is designed to fit seamlessly beneath your kitchen countertops. These refrigerators are a space-saving solution that offers convenient access without taking up the footprint of a traditional refrigerator.

Are under the counter refrigerators energy-efficient?

Yes, many modern under the counter refrigerators are designed with energy efficiency in mind. However, energy efficiency can vary based on the brand and model. Always check the Energy Star rating or the manufacturer's specifications for detailed energy consumption information.

How do I clean and maintain my under the counter fridge?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the interior with a mixture of water and mild soap, periodically checking the door seals for wear and tear, and defrosting if the unit is not frost-free. For the exterior, use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. Always refer to your manufacturer's manual for specific care instructions.

Can I install an under the counter refrigerator myself?

While some homeowners might be comfortable with DIY installation, it's generally recommended to have a professional install your under the counter fridge, especially if it requires electrical or plumbing adjustments. This ensures safe and efficient operation.

Are these refrigerators only for kitchens?

Not at all! While they are popular in kitchens, under the counter refrigerators can also be installed in home bars, office spaces, rec rooms, or anywhere you need convenient access to chilled beverages or snacks.

How do I choose the best under the counter refrigerator for my needs?

Consider the available space, your storage requirements, energy efficiency, brand reputation, and aesthetics. Brands like MARVEL, U-Line, and Sub-Zero, among others, offer a range of options with various features to cater to individual needs.

Do under the counter refrigerators come with freezers?

Some models come with a separate freezer compartment, while others might be solely refrigeration units. If having a freezer section is essential for you, ensure you check the product specifications before purchasing.

Can I customize the look of my under the counter refrigerator?

Many brands offer customizable panels and finishes to match cabinetry or other kitchen appliances. Ensure you check with the manufacturer or retailer about customization options for specific models.

Is there a significant difference between regular compact refrigerators and under the counter ones?

Yes, the primary difference is in design and integration. Under the counter refrigerators are built to integrate seamlessly with cabinetry, offering a sleek look, while regular compact refrigerators might not have that built-in design and can sometimes be freestanding.

How long do under the counter refrigerators last?

With proper care and maintenance, many under the counter refrigerators can last for over a decade. However, lifespan can vary based on the brand, usage, and specific model.